QR Code For Short Link

Create a downloadable QR code of your short links for offline marketing campaigns. Redirect users to your final link with just a QR code scan.

How to Generate QR Code?
There are 2 simple steps to generate the QR of any link

1. Create the short link of your destination long link of which you want to get the QR code.

2. Click on QR code icon, to get the QR code of that created short link.

Also,if you want to generate the QR code of already created short link then you just need to add -qrcode after the created short link.

For Example: https://bjli.in/iroot
Link to generate QR code: https://bjli.in/iroot/qr

You can also put restrictions on the access of QR code from random users by putting the password on it.

Generator QR Code With Bjli.in
Use of QR code
You can use these QR code where ever you want, like on flyers, posters, images, banners, anywhere where you want to do marketing or whatever. Even it helps the users from typing the wrong link as they are case sensitive.

Traffic Analytics

Provides you the real-time click of your links, social media platform, device type, city, top 10 clicked links, and more.

API For Developers

It provides you the details of an API key and query status to be used for API integration with a detailed guide.

Mobile Deep Link

You can add or manage your projects to get the domain name to be used for API integration for the deep links.

All Short Links

This helps to know the complete details of all the type links(Random, Custom) including Web or App created by you.