Secure Short Links

Did you know that you can make your traditional short links even secure than they are? Yes, just by opting for the secure short links, you will be able to make your short links safer by generating a password for your custom links.

This feature is open for premium users to add password to their short or custom links to make their content confidential.

It is worth noting that secure short links cannot be indexed by search engines. This means that you can only share the link directly to your intended audience.

How it works ?
In as much as it is a premium feature, users must be logged in to use this feature. Once you log in, you simply need to provide a password while creating short or custom links.

This feature is seemingly the same as the traditional short link only with the addition of a password requirement for web users to access the link.

Benefits of this feature
Keeps your content safe
If you have sensitive data that you want to secure in a website, you can use this feature to secure it. There is a guarantee that no unauthorized people will view the content.

Controlled audience
If you have content that you want to share with a controlled audience, then this is the best feature to use. All you need to do is to provide passwords to your intended audience and they will be able to access the secure short link.

Links don’t expire
The secure short links do not expire. You can use them repeatedly without replacement. Another great thing is that you can easily generate them without paying anything.

If you want to secure your data, recommends that you use secure short links. However, just remember that your link will not be indexed in the search engines.

Need of Secure Link?
Securing a link gives you an option to block the access of your website or link by random users. Suppose, if you want to send a link of some confidential document or anything to someone, then at that link you can set the password on the short link. So no random user could be able to access that link.

How to set password on link?
It begins with 2 simple steps, firstly, you need to visit our website “” and create the short link of that link which you want to share. Secondly, you just need to click on the password key and enter your password.

Create Password Protected Short Link
Also, there is one more way to set the password on an already created short links. If you have created a short links via login then you just need to edit the created short link and set the password, without even creating the new link.

With this you can manage, track, or edit this link by using the dashboard. But to do so you need to login first before creating the short link.

For any questions about secure short links, please visit our FAQ page.

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