Unlimited Custom Links

Do you have custom names for your short links? If you don’t have, then you must have been missing a lot on the numerous opportunities businesses are tapping by using custom names on short links.

Bjli.in has been consistent in offering this amazing service to both new and existing online businesses, blog pages, and any web page.

This feature basically allows you to give a name to a short link. For example, if you have a link that you want to use for an ad campaign, you can create a short link with the name that you intend to use for your campaign. Therefore, the viewers (potential customers) will just see the name of the ad campaign and not the coded link.

In other words, this service gives your short links meaningful names, which are likely to be more appealing to your viewers.

What are the benefits of creating custom links with us?
Easy to remember
Custom short links can be easily remembered as you can give a meaningful name to your short links. For example, a custom link https://bjli.in/iroot can easily be remembered and you need not to check your short link again by logging into your Bjli.in account while sharing it with your users, like on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Lifetime validity
You don’t have to worry about renewing the links every time as we offer a lifetime validity on the custom links you have generated. Custom links will never expire although you can manually disable or delete your custom links in case you don’t need them anymore.

Unlimited number of custom links
There is no limit to the number of custom links you can create with us. You can create as much as possible depending on your business or personal needs.

How to use the feature
You only need to log in to our website and start generating your custom links. If you are new to Bjli.in, then create an account to get the custom links.

You need to be logged-in in order to track custom links clicks. However, there is a set limit for the amount of clicks you can track as per your monthly plan. Visit the plan page to explore more.

For any questions about the steps to generate unlimited custom links, please visit our FAQ page.

Traffic Analytics

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API For Developers

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Mobile Deep Link

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All Short Links

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