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Why Bjli.in?

You’re just a few clicks away from creating highly customizable short links for your brand. Sign Up now and take your marketing strategies to next level with real-time tracking. Create, track, and optimize your branded short URLs all in one place.

Mobile Deep Link

We provide mobile deep linking feature by use of API, that helps user to redirect to the right page inside their app(Android, iOS), even if they have app or not.

You can customize your short URL to target more user to your business requirement by adding your keywords. For example: https://bjli.in/iroot.

You can track your shared short link, We provide you number of users, their geolocation, browser, top 10 viewed links, and more. It helps to grow your business.

We help you to shorten your long URL of any size into the short URL, which can be easily shared across all the platforms. Also, these links are accessible across the globe.

We provides a feature to create custom sub domain for mobile deep linking. Where you can add you brand name in the url, that helps user to know about your brand.

Scared of clicking on a short URL thinking of it as spam or phishing? Now you can preview bjli.in short links before clicking them by adding + at the end of the URL.

You can generate QR code for any bjli.in short link. By adding qrcode after bjli.in short link to generate their QR code. This can be used on posters, flyers, mails, cards etc..

Bjli provides rest API that can be embadded in Android or iOS app to create short link of any type such as random short link, custom short link or mobile deep link as well.

It helps you to create a short URL with password protection to avoid random user access. Only the people who know the password can access this web page or link.

Features of Free Link Shortener

Track each short link in real-time and measure its performance. We provides you info about clicks, social media clicks, page referrer, devices, browsers, systems, GEO location

Optimize and customize each short URL to take advantage of its potential. It helps to know all the details about the short links as well as helps to track user activities and much more

Free link shortener with many features that gives you better quality for link shortening. Shortened links will never expire. We do not display ads during direct redirecting to the link

Traffic Analytics

Provides you the real-time click of your links, social media platform, device type, city, top 10 clicked links, and more.

API For Developers

It provides you the details of an API key and query status to be used for API integration with a detailed guide.

Mobile Deep Link

You can add or manage your projects to get the domain name to be used for API integration for the deep links.

All Short Links

This helps to know the complete details of all the type links(Random, Custom) including Web or App created by you.